In addition to removing excess rain water from the sewer system and repairing and maintaining the existing system, new construction is necessary to meet the wastewater needs of MSD’s service area. Project types are chosen based upon the topography, watershed, and wastewater needs of different areas of the service area, and may include new sewer lines to convey additional wastewater, above-ground storage tanks to store, or deep underground tunnels to both store and convey additional wastewater in times of high service demand.

One of the first storage tanks constructed is located in the Coldwater Creek watershed, designed to alleviate the replacement costs of 9 miles of wastewater sewers and to store additional wastewater at peak flow times. The Coldwater Creek Storage Tank was chosen for a 2013 AGC Keystone Award for craftsmanship, excellence, attention to detail and professionalism, presented to lead contractor Goodwin Brothers Construction Co. and to MSD.

Can you tell this is a storage tank?


As various projects are begun through MSD Project Clear, they will be sampled here.

Deer Creek Trunk Sewer

MSD Project Clear will be building a project to replace the aging and undersized existing wastewater trunk sewer that serves the Deer Creek watershed. The new Deer Creek Trunk Sewer will be a large diameter wastewater sewer to help eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) in the Deer Creek Watershed.

Project facts

  • Entire watershed served
  • 3 municipalities affected
  • Length equals 20K feet
  • Diameter equals 4 to 6.5 feet
  • Depth equals 25 feet
  • Investment: $65M
  • Four phases of construction
    • 2016 to 2023

Project timeline

  • Complete project design: September 2015
  • Bid project: November 2015
  • Board approval: January 2016
  • Start construction: Early 2016
  • Finish construction: Early 2018

For more project details, download this presentation (.PPTX File; 43.5MB).