Maline Creek is a small tributary to the Mississippi River that lies on the northern edge of the City of St. Louis. The underground storage facility will reduce the volume of discharge into Maline Creek and, ultimately, the Mississippi River. The Maline Creek Storage Facility will run from Chain of Rocks Drive to Church Road. In this project, there are two locations, just upstream of the confluence of the Mississippi River, where combined sewers which carry both wastewater and stormwater may discharge into Maline Creek during significant wet weather. They are located near the intersection of Riverview Drive and Maline Creek.

Early outreach to adjacent property owners and stakeholders is important for the design team to educate them about the route of these facilities and prepare the public for construction that will begin as early as 2016. Therefore, the project team met with neighbors on June 4, 2015 to describe the project and to discuss design and construction information. Some of the information presented at that meeting can be found below, as well as later fact sheet updates on the project’s progress: