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MSD lifts the fog about what shouldn’t go down the drain

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You might think of your garbage disposal as the final food processor. It’s where the remainder of the meal goes for many. But MSD wants to lift the fog about oils and grease and what you can and cannot put down the drain.

It’s clear skies on a Friday morning, but MSD crews are sending their remote controlled robot into a Webster Groves neighborhood looking for fog.

“Fog is: fats, oils and greases,” said MSD Spokesperson Sean Hadley. “Like your cooking oils, your salad dressings. A lot of people don’t realize that salad dressing does contain vegetable oil which is something that does harm to a sewer system.

That list of no-no’s that shouldn’t go-go down your drain includes things like gravy, mayonnaise, syrup, batter and even cheese.

“Grease when in a sewer system can act like glue if you will. It can stop up the sewer system either by itself or with debris cause blockages in the pipe. When we have those blockages the result is that water either backs up into basements or our rivers and streams.” said MSD Program Manager Jay Hoskins.

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