A primary goal of MSD Project Clear is to get the rain out of the sanitary sewer system to reduce basement backups and overflows.

Over the next several years, MSD and its contractors will work on hundreds of projects throughout MSD’s service area to achieve this important goal.

Two MSD Project Clear initiatives designed to help get the rain out are rainscaping and the CitySheds Mitigation Program.

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System maintenance and rehabilitation have been a part of MSD’s operations for many years. MSD Project Clear continues this work on an accelerated schedule as part of other system improvements.

System maintenance and rehabilitation is critical to MSD Project Clear’s commitment to quality customer service, and to MSD’s mission statement: “To protect the public’s health, safety, and water environment by responsibly providing wastewater and storm water management.”

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In addition to removing excess rain water from the sewer system and repairing and maintaining the existing system, new construction is necessary to meet the wastewater needs of MSD’s service area.

Project types may include new sewer lines to convey additional wastewater, constructing above-ground wastewater storage tanks, or installing deep underground tunnels to both store and convey additional wastewater in times of high service demand.

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