MSD Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program – 2017-18 Round

Applications will be available June 1, 2017.

For the fourth consecutive year, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s Project Clear offered up to $3,000 to homeowners and organizations looking to make rainscaping part of their property’s landscaping.

The Rainscaping Small Grant Program encourages the use of simple techniques to reduce the overall impact of stormwater. Rain gardens, bioretention cells, pervious pavement, and green roofs are all features that can slow down and soak up rainwater before it gets to the sewer system. Naturally reclaiming the stormwater by using rainscaping techniques can improve curb appeal, increase property values, reduce sewer overflows, minimize basement backups, and attract birds and butterflies.

Above ground, a combination of native plants, water features, catch basins, and permeable pavement manages stormwater as close as possible where it falls, while below the surface, these techniques improve the soil, store and filter stormwater, and allow the area to absorb water over time, thus reducing the impact of stormwater on the sewer system.

MSD modeled the Rainscaping Small Grants Program in 2014, and completed the first full round in 2015, collectively awarding 59 grants – worth up to $3,000 each – to landowners in the program area. The 2016-17 round will conclude in May after awarding 66 grants. This year, MSD Project Clear will again partner with the Missouri Botanical Garden to assist landowners with their rainscaping projects.

See if your property is located in the program area.

Project Clear is MSD’s initiative to improve water quality and alleviate many wastewater concerns in the St. Louis region. MSD will invest billions of dollars over a generation for community rainscaping projects, system improvements, and an ambitious program of maintenance and repair. Rainscaping investments alone will total $100 million.

To learn more, explore the links and information below.

Important program clarifications

  • Multiple grants may be submitted and the criteria are as follows:
    • 1 grant per residential address, and up to 4 grants per commercial address.
    • Each individual address counts as a separate property, excluding individual buildings that have more than one address.
    • Only 1 representative must have attended a Landowner Orientation for each property or organization with multiple properties.
    • For multifamily or duplex properties with a single property owner, you may submit an application for the total number of units (up to 4).
    • If there are multiple owners, EACH OWNER may submit 1 application (up to 4) *NOTE – We do not recommend applying for a Green Roof for shared ownership of a multifamily home.
    • Each grant must be for a unique project, and each project must meet minimum requirements as applicable. For example, a rain garden covering 100 square feet would be one grant; a lawn alternative and pervious pavement area, with a combined area of 100 square feet would be a second grant. A large rain garden covering 200 square feet would only be one grant.

Dates for the 2017-18 Round Grants Program

Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program TimeframeFull Round
Applications AvailableJune 1, 2017
Contractor and Landowner WorkshopsJune and July 2017
Grant Applications DueAugust 11, 2017
Project Notifications OutSeptember 9, 2017
Planting TimeFall 2017 and Spring 2018
Project Receipts and Completion Forms DueNo Later Than May 11, 2018
Quality Control/Ground Truthing/Completion Forms ProcessedWithin 6 Weeks of Receipt of Project Completion Forms
Grant Funds Dispersed to LandownersWithin 12 Weeks of Receipt of Project Completion Forms
Maintenance Support Available to LandownersThrough May 2019


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  4. Rainscaping Small Grants Program Landowner Orientation (From June 30, 2016; PDF)
  5. Full Round Landowner Orientation Q&A (PDF)
  6. Sign Up for a Landowner Workshop
  7. Rainscaping Program Area Map
  8. Missouri Botanical Garden Native Plant List
  9. Missouri Botanical Garden Rainscaping Guidance
  10. Rainscaping Small Grants Program Participating Contractor List – New List 6/23/17
  11. Rainscaping Small Grants Program Participating Contractor Application (PDF)
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  14. Rain Garden FAQ on the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Official Site
  15. Contact Information: